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Including Your Child in Mitzvah Entertainment Planning: A Guide for Parents

Planning a bar or bat mitzvah (in addition to the mitzvah itself), is a significant milestone in the life of a Jewish child, marking their transition into adulthood. This sacred event is steeped in tradition, but it's also an opportunity to plan a celebration with friends and family. One of the key components of a memorable mitzvah is the entertainment, and involving your child in this aspect of the planning can make the day even more special — not to mention fun! Here’s why parents should consider including their kids in their mitzvah "simcha" entertainment planning process to avoid missteps in the planning process...

Mom planning a mitzvah with her son.


Including your child in the entertainment planning allows them to personalize the event in ways that reflect their interests and personality — which will ultimately create a theme that will resonate throughout the party. Whether they have a favorite band, type of music, or specific games or activities they enjoy, their input ensures the entertainment will resonate with them. This sense of ownership can make the event more meaningful and enjoyable for them. When children see their ideas come to life, it not only makes them feel valued but also enhances their connection to the celebration.

Kids dancing and excited at a mitzvah party.


Planning a significant event can be a source of great excitement for you and your child. By involving them in the process, you’re giving them something to look forward to and invest in emotionally. This anticipation can make the months leading up to the mitzvah more thrilling, as they see their visions and ideas unfold. Additionally, the collaborative process can create wonderful bonding moments between parents and children, as they work together to plan the celebration. Lastly, knowing "what to expect" reduces any anxiety that can accompany a social gathering, especially a milestone like a bar or bat mitzvah. Being a part of the planning provides for a "boost of confidence" to ensure that your child enjoys such a memorable day!


Participating in the planning process helps children develop important life skills. They learn about responsibility, budgeting, decision-making, and prioritization as they work with parents to select entertainment options that fit within the event’s budget and schedule. And while focusing on personalization is fun, learning the importance of considering the needs and enjoyment of their guests, including friends and family of all ages, sets them up planning skills they can use in the future.

Kids jumping up and down playing games at a mitzvah.


A mitzvah celebration typically hosts a diverse group of guests, from young children to older adults. By involving your child in the planning, you can ensure that the entertainment is age-appropriate and engaging for their peers. Kids know what kids like, and they can offer valuable insights into what activities and music will be most enjoyable for their friends. This can range from interactive games, activities, contest, photo booths, to selecting a DJ or Live Band that plays their favorite tunes. You'll be surprised how much your kids reveal when the right questions are asked!

Mom being raised in a chair at a mitzvah during the Jewish hora circle dancing.


Involving your child in the planning also provides an opportunity to teach them about the traditions and significance of the bar mitzvah. As they contribute to the entertainment planning, parents can weave in the cultural and religious importance of the event, making it a learning experience as well as a celebration. From the hora and being lifted in the chair during the "circle dancing" to motzi and kiddush prayers to candlelighting and many other traditions that are popular in your community and the Jewish diaspora, balancing tradition and personalization can help them appreciate their heritage while enjoying a modern, fun-filled party.

Kids swaying side to side in a friendship circle creating memories with the guest of honor at a mitzvah.


When children are part of the planning process, they are more likely to have fond memories of the event. They’ll remember the fun of selecting decorations, choosing the perfect songs, and planning activities that they and their friends will enjoy. These memories are not just about the day itself but also the journey leading up to it. The process becomes part of the celebration, creating a deeper, more personal connection to the event.


A bar mitzvah is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and involving your child in the entertainment planning can make it all the more special. It not only ensures that the celebration is tailored to their tastes and interests but also teaches valuable life skills, fosters excitement, and creates lasting memories. By working together, parents and children can craft an unforgettable experience that honors tradition while celebrating the unique individual the bar or bat mitzvah has become. So, include your child in the planning process and watch as their excitement and creativity make the day truly extraordinary.

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