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Frequently Asked Questions 

For your convenience, we've prepared answers to the most frequently asked question. This is not an all-exhaustive  list, but should help you start thinking about your special event entertainment. When you're ready to talk to us, call or text (404) 939-3813 😊
Why is entertainment typically booked first?

While many vendors include different, very important services, most people remember how "fun" or “not-so-fun” the event was. So, the right entertainment that fits your style is a key component of your celebration. Party Express takes on this challenge and responsibility with pride, keeping your party fun, energetic, and exciting! In addition to interacting with your guests and keeping the party moving, Party Express makes sure all vendors are working in unison to provide a smooth experience for all the guests—adults and kids alike—so you can relax and enjoy your celebration.

How far in advance do I need to book you? Do you travel?


Availability is always limited. Party Express books on a first-come, first-served basis. We're actively booking for the 2021-2022 season. However, there are limited dates available through the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021, so contact us as soon as you have your date. We book evening and afternoon time-slots at 6 hour intervals. When you're ready to book Party Express, all you need is a solid date and approximate timing for your party—giving you the flexibility to decide your venue later while reserving our group now. All prices remain the same for all Metro-Atlanta locations. We do travel well outside of the South East with an additional travel and hospitality charge.

How do you compare to other entertainment services?


Party Express is a professional entertainment company that has served the metro-Atlanta community and East Coast since 1991. Because we're not a corporate conglomerate or talent agency, we do not force expensive, over-the-top, and generic packages on our clients, keeping our "starting from" costs low. We offer several packages with a la carte options that are competitively priced. Our clients also have direct contact with their Production Designer and Emcee in the months leading up to your event. And of course, our years of experience and award-winning reputation doesn't hurt!

What do your packages include?

Tevyeh Party Express Mitzvah packages are self-contained, all-inclusive with no hidden-charges and include: party planning/consultation + vendor coordination, state-of-the-art premium sound, lighting, special effects, prizes, give-aways, high-energy emcees, dancers and more! Contact us today for a custom quote and proposal and you’ll see why—pound for pound—Tevyeh Party Express gives you the best entertainment value for your budget.

How does your Live-Band / DJ “Combo” work?

It is our best of both worlds, 8 to 80 variety entertainment that engages adults and kids alike with unforgettable live performances by the Tevyeh band and a high-energy, interactive program by the Party Express DJ and Dancers. With the “Combo” our Live-Band and DJ perform together on one stage with the DJ emceeing and coordinating the whole event from start to finish. When we custom-design your celebration “Combo” program, you get to chose the Band and DJ music selections, games and activities, and integrate any special presentations into celebration. Together we create a time schedule that fits your concept and style. To see a sample event schedule, please contact us or schedule an appointment with one of our coordinators to create a unique program exclusively for your child.

What kind of music do you play at parties?

We have an extensive, high-energy party repertoire for our live band and all the pre-recorded music under the sun with our massive digital DJ library.  In addition, we are experienced with different flavors of parties -- whether you're looking to do a themed event or want to infuse your party with international notes, you can take a hands-on approach and request specific music selections or give us general guidelines and allow us to gauge and interact with the crowd.

Can I come see one of your shows?
To ensure client privacy we do not typically arrange for visits, but on occasion our clients do allow this. The best way to understand the unique services that Tevyeh Party Express provides is to view our promotional video and demo reel, read our references, jot down your questions, and set up a face-to-face meeting or conference call with one of our coordinators to put together a sample timeline for your event.

Do you have references?
Absolutely! Tevyeh Party Express has phenomenal references from both clients and the vendors that we've worked with. Please contact us for a testimonials sheet along with contact information for recent clients and vendors that have worked with us.

How do I book Tevyeh Party Express and what is your deposit?
Once you settle on the optimal package for your celebration, Tevyeh Party Express emails you a one-page pdf contract outlining all the details for your event. Once you print, sign, and return your contract along with a deposit check, we counter-sign and email you the contract—guaranteeing exclusive booking! Deposits are 50% of the contract package.

Interested in hiring us for your special event? Lets Talk.​​

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